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Time lapse video from the ISS

The name of this website is look at stars – but the opposite direction is very beautiful, too: A look from the ISS in a stunning time lapse video makes Galileo Galileis quote true: If you could see the earth … Continue reading

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August 6 – Curiosity Rover At Mars

The Curiosity Rover is scheduled to touch down on the red planet of Mars on August 16, 2012. If the landing is successful, the rover will have completed a journey totaling 352 million miles. Not only is the distance extreme, … Continue reading

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Let us start from the beginning of this well known “Space Race”. This so called, analogy to arms race, was an informal competition between United States and Soviet Union to see who could outrun each other in advancements in space … Continue reading

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When will man land on mars?

The Red Planet has interested mankind when Mars was seen as a small dot in the sky in the earlier days. Humans chose to explore Mars as it was the planet which was closest to Earth. The primary reason why … Continue reading

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