Google Earth

Google Earth

screenshotgoogleearthWhat other features can be found in Google Earth?
Google Earth allows you to virtually fly over all over the planet. Wherever you want you can sink down and thus zoom in the picture. By doing so you will find new and interesting spots of the earth whenever you wander around. Aereas that are often visited even were photographed in detail – on some picture you can recognize cars, people and other comparably small things.

Of course searching is a prominent feature of Google Earth (otherwise it would not be Google, would it?) Just enter a city name or an address in the search window and Google Earth will start flying there. Discovering the world never was easier!

If you do not know where to virtually travel next – let Google take you to a sightseeing tour. Google Earth will show you places of interest at one click of your mouse. That is more or less like watching TV.
Google Earth is part of Google Pack, and you can download it here: Download Google Sky (contained in Google Earth)

Google Earth

Discover places you never heard of before. Let yourself be guided all around the globe and visit places of interest, restaurants, goverment buildings, palaces and any other place you can dream of. The digital revolution has brought them nearer than you ever imagined. See the planet through the eyes of Google Earth, a program that stiched together countless pictures from satellites and planes. You will be blasted by the high resolution pictures – why not have a look at the area where you live?

About Google Earth
Google Earth is a 3D geo software that creates a virtual planet by stitching together satellite and plane imaginery. You can see any place on earth – but that is not all: Use layers to show famous buildings in 3D, roads, geographic features, borders, city names and a lot more- Mark your own places (like your house) and start a virtual world sightseeing tour.

What is the difference between Google Earth and other programs?

Google Earth has a lot of advantages compared to other “virtual earth/planet” software. of course there are quite a few differences between those programs. These are the advantages of Google Earth: Sharp aerial views: frequently visited places have been photographed from planes so they can be viewed in extraordinary quality. These can be famous buildings or the classic wonders of the world.

[amazonify]::omakase::300:250[/amazonify]It is free! Unlike other comparable programs you can download Google Earth for free. For the same quality you often have to pay – not with Google Earth. Only if you want to make prints in higher resolution or want to use it commercially, you have to upgrade to a licince with costs.

Google Earth is more than photographs: Google Earth not only shows you nice pictures but rather lets you search for well-known places. Therefore every city, street or even dining, lodging or shopping has been included. As a bonus you can do sightseeing tours in the areas of your interest.