Lunar Phase Pro

One of the outstanding astronomy software available on the net is Lunar Phase Pro – The Moon Observer’s Toolkit as they call it.
Predicting the moon phase is only one thing this piece of astronomy software can do…

  • Lunar Phase Pro has the following features:
  • predict a wide range of lunar phenomena
  • an interactive moon atlas
  • zoom, pan, label and print-out maps
  • searchable database of over 9,00 lunar features
  • libration and colongitude
  • find when features are under similar lighting
  • emulate the view through telescopes
  • top-down views on near and far side features
  • watch over 300 moon and astronomy videos
  • get the latest moon news and podcasts
  • many more features

6 Responses to Lunar Phase Pro

  1. Well, I think that almost 45 USD is quite big amount for such software. Maybe if They lower the price, they will sell much more apps and will have much more profit.

    • Paul says:

      Did you said 45 USD for the software? I think this is already affordable for a useful and wonderful apps like this. Kids will learn a lot and will be amazed on this especially the feature watch over 300 moon and astronomy videos.

  2. Hello Mateusz

    Yeah, cheaper software always would be nicer 😉 On the other hand – astronomy is a very specialized niche and general interest is not as high as in other fields, I guess they probably would have to charge much more if they only looked at profitability in developing software for astronomy enthusiasts – so probably $45 is already a lowered price…


  3. Tiffany@PS3 not reading discs says:

    I agree with Michael. Although $45 can seem a bit high for software, there’s something about software/products in the science field that makes them more expensive. Maybe its because of all the data that they collect and the amount of data that goes into the software. I remember as a kid, I had one of those “constellation maps” that you can see on your ceiling and that would glow in the dark…they cost a pretty penny lol.

  4. I agree with you guys. There are only few interested with this one compared to other niches like internet marketing tools and games. Maybe schools, professors and scientist are the ones who are really interested in buying with this one. Maybe organizations too can buy this one and they will just share it.

  5. Thanks for the list. It is very helpful.

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