Astronomy for Kids with Google Sky

Spiral Galaxy Picture in Google SkyYour Kids want to know about the universe?
I guess they are pestering you with questions, aren’t they? Now there is a new piece of software, called Google Sky. And guess what Google Sky does? It is similar to a search engine for everything in the night sky. Just enter any stellar object in the search box and Google Sky will fly you there. You can zoom in and out the star charts, or learn about the universe in the many info boxes. That makes it extremely useful for Astronomy for Kids, as you do not have to know everything yourself.
Do the “Life of a Star”-Tour with your Kids – That is a great way to learn some astronomy… Or do you like to look at the fantastic Hubble Telescope images? They are integrated!

How can I install Google Sky for astronomy for kids and what does it cost me?

Now comes the best: It is absolutely free!

Download Google Sky (contained in Google Earth)

Google Sky is just a module in the free Google Earth software: under “view” -> “switch to sky” you find the program module “Google Sky” that will give you incredible insights to the depths of outer space and hours of fun with astronomy for kids!

You will get an absolutely amazing view of the depths of our universe with lots and lots of information and explanations. The imagines of the universe are delivered by institutions like the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) in Baltimore. Views that had been reserved to astronauts up to now are brought to you by the Hubble Space Telescope operated by NASA/ESA. Want to learn about constellations? Want to see pictures of a supernova? Or wondered where Sirius is? Find out and strengthen your knowledge about the universe. Google Earth is part of Google Pack, and you can download it here, just follow the instructions on the google page:Download Google Sky (contained in Google Earth)