Outerspace Pictures from Google Sky

See earth from space and vice versa! Google EarthGoogle_Sky_Screenshot offers a view of our planet, formerly seen only in military programs – high resolution satellite pictures show you every corner of our world! And Google even got better! Now you can not only see earth from space but also pictures of space…and not only our solar system, but almost all known!

there is an inconspicuous new menu item under “view” -> “switch to sky” you find a new program module that will give you incredible insights to the depths of outer space:Download Google Sky (contained in Google Earth)

What you get is an absolutely amazing view of the starry sky above your current position. The imaginery is delivered by institutions like the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) in Baltimore. Views that had been reserved to astronauts up to now are brought to you by the Hubble Space Telescope operated by NASA/ESA. Want to see pictures of a supernova? Or wondered where Sirius is? Find out and strengthen your knowledge about the universe.

Hubble Nasa photos or own telescope?

Of course nothing can substitute the experience of taking your own telescope and get out into the night a have a look at our wonderful universe yourself. But on the other hand there are limits to the quality of home astronomy equipment and anyone who has seen Hubble pictures of space can confirm that there is just such beauty in it! And if you want to see outer space pictures, you will not get far with your own telescope. Google Sky is your thing if you are a little into astronomy and lets everyone else just marvel at how wonderful our world is. Call it “beginnerĀ“s astronomy”… Google Earth is part of Google Pack, and you can download it here, just follow the instructions on the google page:

Download Google Sky (contained in Google Earth)