Hubble will be replaced by the James Webb Space Telescope

Since 1990 the space telescope “Hubble” sends spectacular pictures of space to the control station on earth. Millions have seen the beautiful images and and have won an idea of how fantastic our universe is. But no later than 2013 it will be disposed. A new technological era will dawn with the “James Webb Space Telescope”. One of it’s main missions: To deliver the answer to one of the greatest questions since mankind looks at stars: How did everything begin?

For that reason, Webb will be optimized for infrared, a part of the spectrum that is mostly absorbed by the athmosphere – a problem that a telescope in space does not have to deal with. Infrared rays have the ability to “see through” the stellar dust that blocks sight to the regions where stars are born. Sophisticated technology will allow insights never gained before – and the answer to many questions.

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