Great astronomy pictures for a whole year

Astronomy Calendar

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Do you like pictures of outer space? Are you fascinated by the unbelievable beauty of some of the photographs of the universe? Then the Astronomy Calendar 2010 is probably a must have for you 😉
Click on the picture and get it now!

Astronomy calendars are a wonderful way to get in touch with this field of science and can awaken the interest in space in kids and adults alike…

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  2. Samira says:

    Its an amazing picture, I like it very much, so now I want to have this calendar.

  3. admin says:

    Hi Samira
    Feel free to order it, amazon will send it in just a few days 😉

  4. There are so many amazing pictures of space in that calender it is amazing. I’ve always been very interested in space and the unknown.

  5. Great calendar. I already have one 🙂

    Ronys last blog post..Adobe Photoshop – veido bildes k profesionlis

  6. Frank Lynch says:

    wow, those are awesome, i m researching now on astronomy and big bang theories, i would like to know more about it, so that i can prepare my dissertation very well on it, thanks for sharing it.

  7. Yeah Frank me too, i m also doing my post graduate on it, and want to learn more on it, i hope so this book and collection of several pictures will give me some ideas.

  8. David@WeddingPhotographerNottingham says:

    The Hubble pictures have been just amazing. I love to look at them myself and now I get to talk about space with my kids, which is just great!

  9. Jez says:

    Thats a great tip, I really like images like that there is so much going on in them. I have various screen savers / wall paper images and a couple of books but I never thought of getting an astronomy calendar.

    I followed your links and saw another popular one is from the Hubble telescople, that looks pretty cool too, dare I say better than the one you wrote about!

    .-= Jez´s last blog ..Mobile Phone Free Laptop =-.

  10. Recently i’ve been through STELLARIUM tool which gives amazing 3d view of space and galaxies, but i could not take snap from them, but i’ve found all those pictures here what i was looking for. Thanks

  11. Adam Talbot says:

    Thanks for sharing this E-book, but from where can i download it or do i need to buy it from Amazon ?

    • admin says:

      This is not an e-book. It is a real paper calendar you can hang on the wall – so there is no download, get it from amazon 😉

  12. After watching 2012, i m really interested to learn something on Black Hole. Everybody says that earth will extinct soon and reason for this will be shrinking of galaxies, hope i can better know them from pictures in the Book.

    • admin says:

      Hi Charlie

      I fear I have to disappoint you – there are no pictures of black holes in the calendar…mostly because you cannot see them.
      But there is good news, too, the world will most probably not be extinct anytime soon, at least not by shrinking galaxies – those processes usually tend to take a few million years…


  13. admin says:

    Don’t worry – sun and earth are not going to collide anytime soon…

  14. In Hinduism, Astronomy calendar has a special place in individual’s life, it is said that human beings and their mind work on collaboration with planetorial movements, I am so eager to know more about it, let’s see if I can find something more interesting from this pictures.

  15. “I love understanding the size and scale of things, the motions of the Universe, the interaction of objects through gravity, electromagnetism, and collisions.”

  16. John Jeracevich says:

    astronomy is so visually appealing as well! Colorful stars, wispy, ethereal nebulae, galactic vistas sprawling out across our telescopes… it’s art no matter how you look at it. And our techniques for viewing the heavens gets better every year; our telescopes get bigger, our cameras more sensitive, and our robotic probes visit distant realms, getting close-up shots that remind us that these are not just planets and moons; they’re worlds.

  17. For any mind that wonders what is beyond our immediate vision, this calendar is for you. I recently got one of these and it piques my interests everyday as I realize what is beyond are existence!
    .-= Tim@The Best List´s last blog ..Best Laptop Computer =-.

  18. I have always been fascinated to the almost everything in the universe. When I was struggling to cope up with my alcoholism, I spent time stargazing on my roof after dinner. This picture is a great way of “motivating yourself” to the beauty of nature to be able to feel great inside and outside.

  19. John Jeracevich says:

    Not exactly my picks for the best of 2009. Some of the most important astronomical images don’t really look like much. A mere smudge or sparkle on an image could be a galaxy at the edge of creation or an asteroid the size of Delaware.

  20. Niels says:

    Wow this calendar is wonderful I seen it for the first time the images in the calendar is amazing. Saturn looks too good in the calendar. Astronomy science is very interesting there so much to learn from space and universe.

  21. Bredbånd says:

    Woo the calendar is very good I like planets very much and now we have calendar. I used to see sky in the night I sleep on terries to see stars. And about Astronomy I do not know much I like to read about it mare

  22. admin says:

    Just click on the picture and youll be taken to amazon and can buy the calender.


  23. a kasser says:

    woo what a beautiful calender is here. I like astronomical calendar very much. i would like to buy one and i will gift it to my young brother he likes to read about planets and stars, he will like this calender very much and thank you for posting it.

  24. Hi,
    I like the sentence that ended the post that Astronomy calendars can awaken the interest in space in kids. I think that teaching the subject of space for kids are a pefect way to mix fun and educational ideas and it can bring wonderful space activites time.
    .-= Space Activities´s last blog ..Activities for kids about space and astronomy =-.

  25. Alan @ Power Ranger says:

    The picture you have selected from the calendar is fantastic. Even though we have just hit May I am going to get one of the calendars as the pictures from previous months will look great on my wall. And as you say this is a wonderful way of introducing people to this aspect of science.
    .-= Alan @ Power Ranger ´s last blog ..Disclaimer =-.

  26. renan@wallpapers for says:

    OH MY GOD!

  27. Outer Space truly is beautiful…

  28. Snow white customes says:

    Outer space is the closest natural approximation of a perfect vacuum. It has effectively no friction, allowing stars, planets and moons to move freely along ideal gravitational trajectories. I am also amazed at the wonder of the outer space. In fact, I dream of becoming an astronaut when I was a kid, so I can see the outer space and universe in a closer encounter.

  29. Bought the calendar earlier this year but completely forgot to leave a comment back here (where I found it) saying what an amazing product it actually is, nice to see before heading off to bed! Are there plans for a 2011 one? Thanks, M.

  30. Nick says:

    Great calendar, I’ll have to get the 2011 soon!

  31. jenny says:

    Astronomy is another beautiful spot outside our planet. The stars formation, color- the galaxy itself is so amazing. I am excited for the release of 2011 Astronomy calendar.

  32. Frank @ Payday Loans says:

    Thanks for your help on this subject. We may be in 2011 but I still found it interesting.

  33. Washington DC Lawyer says:

    I downloaded an app for my iPad that shows me where in the sky certain stars are. I am just getting into astronomy (as a hobby of course) and I must say that these pictures are amazing!

    Keep up the good work!

  34. Thanks for sharing this E-book and very thanks for astronomy calendar 2011

  35. There is something truly awesome about space photos. When I was younger you used to be able to write to Nasa and they would send you a brown envelope back with free photos! I used to write them all the time and I had this huge collection. I have a couple floating around our internet marketing company. They are breathtaking.

    • Hi

      That sounds great. You can still download lots of pictures in huge resolutions on the NASA website and get your prints from those – of course unfortunately getting the prints is not free then…


  36. I m really interested to learn something on Black Hole. Everybody says that earth will extinct soon and reason for this will be shrinking of galaxies, hope i can better know them from pictures in the Book.

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  37. Stunning images – space has always fasinated me – well done

  38. Hello,
    Any chance to get 2012 version?If yes,i would appreciate if you could email me.

  39. James@Contract Management Software says:

    Astronomy photos are unreal. Whenever I look out or see photos taken by telescopes I can’t tell if I am looking at a microcosm or a macrocosm. It is certainly a refreshing perspective.
    I would assume that everyone within every contract management software company drifts off and thinks about the stars and moon and sun. It is pleasant to think about, being so small and yet feeling so large; what a paradox.

    Thanks for the post!

    Btw – have you ever thought of how sailors used to navigate the oceans by the stars? That is impressive, seems easy to get lost and go in circles in such a large space.

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