Einstein Tongue

We all know inventor, scientist and all around genius Albert Einstein was one successful guy, but what most of us don’t realize is that it took a lot of hard work for him to get there. Einstein was a classic late bloomer and didn’t come into the success that we all know him for until he was near middle age. Einstein’s success is a story of perseverance and the belief that you have something to contribute to the world, no matter how many times others tell you that you don’t. Let’s take a look at some of the lessons today’s business community can take from the life of one Albert Einstein.

Thinking outside the box

Einstein is well known for his incredible scientific theories that literally invented whole new fields of science, but what made Einstein such an incredible mind around his peers was the fact that he could look at a problem that had baffled scientists for generations and almost immediately look at the problem from a new perspective. He might not come up with the answer right away, but he could break start the journey down a new path. Today, we call this ‘thinking outside the box.’ While we may never accomplish something so grand, the ability to look at problems from new and interesting perspectives is incredibly valuable in today’s workplace. Every day, businesses both big and small take on problems that they have been wrestling with for years, and if you can inject something new into that conversation, you will prove yourself to be an asset your company can’t live without.

Don’t ever give up

Just like Thomas Edison, success didn’t come right away for Albert Einstein. He tried to forward some rough drafts of his scientific theories earlier on in his career, and they were either summarily ignored or brushed off as incomplete or just plain impossible. The truth is that most professors and “experts” who viewed his early work were likely terrified by it or they simply didn’t have the capacity to understand it. Instead of giving up, Einstein went back to the drawing board and refined his theories. When he was done, they were simply irrefutable and are now known verbatim by most of the earth’s population. This incredible commitment to his work should serve as inspiration to not only businessmen and women, but to anyone who has ever tried and failed at anything. Although we may never have an idea as grand as the ones he did, that doesn’t mean we can’t impact society with our work if we just try hard enough.

Sense of humor

Probably the best known picture of Einstein features him with his famous Einstein tongue out. It showed that even someone labeled the smartest person in the world can have a sense of humor and not take themselves so seriously. In the highly competitive world of business, it is extremely important to know when to push yourself away from your desk and have a good time. Besides, what good is the good life if you are constantly at work?

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