Astronomy Day 2012

This year’s astronomy day will be celebrated on April 28. This day will be celebrated with the theme entitled “Bringing Astronomy to the People”. Although Astronomy Day historically has no specific dates assigned with it, it still occurs on a Saturday sometime between mid-April and mid-May. The only significance is that it has to take place before the onset of the first quarter moon. Astronomy Day, which is recognized by the International Astronomical Union, also marks the start of “Astronomy Week”.

The History Behind Astronomy Day

The first Astronomy Day was celebrated in 1973, and was founded by Doug Berger. At the time, Berger was the president of the North Carolina Astronomical Association. Since it’s origin, this day has been celebrated all over the globe and has attracted various sponsors. The main purpose behind celebrating this day is to bring together enthusiasts of astronomy, science and other interest groups to focus and celebrate the marvel of astronomy.

How The Day Is Marked

Astronomy day offers many people the chance of looking into the open sky through a telescope. This is usually the highlight of the day as many people don’t have the means of owning a telescope powerful enough to experience many of the wonders of the solar system.
Throughout the day, there is a multitude of events hosted by astronomical clubs, observatories, planetariums, libraries and even private individuals and organizations. Many of these events are located in places that can attract many people such as nature parks, shopping malls and urban centers. The aim is to bring the awareness of astronomy to the greatest number of people possible. An added incentive is that the admission to this events is usually free of charge.
During this events, astronomers, students, scientists and, in some cases, even astronauts are available to educate attendees. In order to make it more appealing to participants, there are various competitions organized and awards given to groups that have the best presentations.

One Of The Most Important Components Of Astronomy Day
Out of all of the important people who labor to make this event possible, one of the most important of groups are the sponsors. Some of the sponsors who have consistently supported this event include:

  • The Astronomical League
  • The Astronomical Society for the Pacific
  • Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
  • American Astronomical Society
  • Astronomical Association of Northern California
  • Western Amateur Astronomers
  • American Association of Physical Teachers
  • Association of Lunar and Planetary Observation
  • American Meteor Society
  • American Association of Variable Star Observers
  • The Planetary Society
  • National Space Society
  • International Planetarium Society
  • The Association of Astronomy Educators.
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